HFM 4000 Hamburger Meatball Form Machine (Copy)


HFM 4000 Hamburger Meatball Form Machine

* The machine works filling machine as synchronized.

* Meatball press sytem f the machine is 1,5 Kw Hidro Motor.

* Conveyor system of the machine is 0,18 Kw motor with reductor.

* Touch screen

* Product number can be entered.

* Automatic and manual (Shielded and unshielded with switch work system)

* All machine and its parts are completely 304 stainless and suitable to CE directives.

* Meatball press of the machine is made from aliminium amaterial and covered with teflon.

* Form moulds are made from material suitable to health.

* Meatball falls to conveyor after taking a shape from meatball press mould.

* Conveyor chins of the machine is made from AISI – 304 stainless or polytelyten material suitable for health.

*The machines moulds:

*Hamburger Meatball Mould

*Meatball with kashar cheese mould

*Butchery Meatball Mould

*İnegöl Meatball Mould

*Round ( Finger ) Meatball Mould (Min10 mm, max. 20mm diameter)

*Optional shapes and sizes moulds with special design

Capacity : Average 200-300 Kg/Hour

One beat for per 4 seconds

Note : Filling machine and 50 lt. Compressor is necessary to provide product to the forming machine.


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